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Cancer_lg_f Cancer June 21 - July 22

Cancer Actresses

This star sign is the Homemaker. They are emotional and sensitive, and value taking a traditional approach to modern life. They are primarily shy, but once they overcome this timidity, their inner strength shows through very quickly.

The cool Diane Kruger has had a successful career as an actress, model and classical dancer. Yet, she is most happy when spending time with boyfriend Joshua Jackson. Those born under Cancer star sign are loyal and dedicated, and constantly express these traits. Just like Diane who cannot stop gushing about him in her interviews. The homemaker side of her loves cooking and Jamie Oliver is one of her favourite chefs (says the DailyMail).

Family and Home are the centers of their life, no matter how much time they spend away from it. Famous now for all the wrong reasons, the beleaguered Lindsay Lohan, (as told to E! Online) couldn’t have gotten through (they are not over yet) her ordeals without family. At a time of crisis, the troubled actress reached out to Manager & Mom, Dina Lohan, reportedly moving in with her when her financial woes (reports HuffingtonPost) got out of control.

They are sensitive not just to others’ behavior towards them, but also to the impact they have on others. The Honolulu born Nicole Scherzinger who stirred controversy by booting Rachel Crow off to create a deadlock showed her sensitive side by not wanting to be the one who ended anyone’s dreams, crying inconsolably at the resulting public boot-off. Raised in Louisville, the jet-setting singer still finds time to share quality time with F1 racer boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, who reportedly bought a £20m jet plane just to be able to get to his lady love whenever he wished. That’s the power of the Cancerian woman!

They can be very traditional in their views (Remember Jessica Simpson’s famous decision to remain a virgin till she consummated her wedding to Nick Lackey?). On the downside, they can come across as clingy, moody and prone to being over-sensitive.

Another naughty Cancerian that turned over a new leaf for family is the sex siren of a Pamela Anderson. She decided to hang her show boots up to slip into the role of the doting mother (as told to Indian Express) when her children were born. ‘They keep me in check’. Go Pamela!

Cheryl Cole, just as famous for her singing career as the scandals of her footballer ex-husband Ashley Cole, has always maintained that she is a family-oriented person. Scooting to her mother’s home when the sex scandals broke loose, she emerged, still raw with sensitivity & pain, very thin and trying to put things together. Single and beautifully happy now, she has told The Sun how she hopes to have a family of four children!

Our most favorite Cancerian, Meryl Streep, is the embodiment of the album-keeping, maternal, parent-first spirit. Married to her sculptor husband since 1978, Meryl’s primary focus is still her family. When the woman, who has everything, was asked what she wanted most next – her unsurprising answer was ‘grandchildren’ (Inquirer). Big Smiley for our champion Mom Cancerian!